All-Star Mohegan Sun Spirit Nationals Jackets

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Apr 6, 2010
Has anyone who won Nationals at Mohegan sun last month recieved the jackets that were supposed to be mailed out "in 7-10 days" yet?
Any word?
Last year they gave out backpacks. This year they told us we would be getting jackets in 7-10 days b/c the boxes got held up at customs. Its been a month now. So we'll see. Its a 2 day national....
One of my coaches got an email saying that they were having dificulties and it "isnt there fault" and they sould be here soon! Thats from memory im going to the gym tonight so i can give you more specific deatails. The email is printed out out and hanging up at our gym.
We got a call on Monday from the shipping company verifying our address so hopefully soon!!

its beeen like over a month lol! are coach called and they said they wer stuck in like some place in the us, so hopefully well get them soon!!
Our youth team got them on Friday like Lee Lee said, and they are soooo nice!!!!! Sucks that you had to wait so long but definitely worth the wait. Possibly the nicest jackets I've see besides Cheersport & NCA, there accutally embroidered not just screen printed on the back!!!