Most Creative Level 4 Pass Ideas?

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Favorite combo skills?

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Mar 31, 2011
I just recently quit Brandon :( and I was on level 4. As of now I am just cleaning up some tumbling skills. What are some cool level 4 passes you can think of or saw at a competition?? I just learned a whip about a month ago and now I'm learning PF step-outs. Suggestions on passes I can dooo?! :)
how about front handspring, front layout step out if thats allowed (if not just a pf step out), roundoff whip, whip, split tap layout
those always look pretty to me :)
tumbleyoda has some great pass ideas!

Gee thanks :)

Front Tuck Roundoff Onodi Roundoff BHS Whip Layout Stepout; Handspring Front thru to Whip thru to Layout; Front Handspring Stepout; Front Handspring; Front Tuck Roundoff Whip BHS Layout. Last year we had one athlete do Handspring Front Tuck Roundoff Onodi Roundoff Layout.
we have a girl who does a punch front step-out, round off, back handspring, whip layout.
and a girl who does a front handspring, punch front step-out round off, back handspring, layout.

i would fall on the floor if someone could do that pass (the one i listed second) but put a whip layout at the end.
gosh, i love level 4.