All-Star Most Recent Injury in Cheerleading, and How you did it.

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never broke any fingers

but recent injuries of mine- back in november i tore my acl and meniscus doing 2 to full. everything was perfect, till the landing. i landed with my right leg behind my left leg and my right leg hyper extended. yes, ouchh. i had surgery in december and i am still recovering from it with physical therapy and all. should be able to tumble again within a month!
One time I stepped off of a tumbletrak (not tumbling or anything...just walking) and broke my ankle...that was cool.

My most recent injury was just an overuse thing in my knee. My knee cap had shifted out of place from too much pull from an outer quad and not enough pull from an inner one? Something like that. Can't remember the name now but it sucked. I couldn't jump or do anything with deep knee bending for like 4 months. Boo. Could've been worse though
this one didn't happen to me but a few weeks ago we were at the gym cuz the news was doing a story on us and they were like just running throught things and doing standing tumbling and one of the guys did a flip flop and, like, his back muscle spasmed or something crazy. and ike he wasnt supposed to do anything for a bit.

for me....
1. a lumbo sacral strain (back) earlier i was out for a month, and i dont even know what caused it i think i noticed it when i was tumbling and one day we were running through one of the routines and i just collapssed i couldnt even walk. it hurt so bad.
2. recently i had done something to my finger stunting and it doesnt move the same now...

3. i tumbled off the air trak, hit the wall, fell into the resi, fell off the resi and hit the concrete underneath and bruised my back bad.

4. something to my knee

and bunch of other stuff, i havent seen a doctor about yet. lol.
i dont plan on it either...
i have a broken big toe :(
it hurtss
but i dont think its getting better any time soon
cause im still cheering on it
i jammed my index finger and my pinky finger like last week during spring break doing a back handspring on the grass :(!!!

hahah that's why i stay away from grass. lol

i remember something similar happened to me only i didnt jam a finger i just didnt push off hard enough and...well im sure the rest is clear. lol
my last bad injury was my sprained ankle. i sprained it during a round off full and just landed wrong. i felt my whole ankle like pop out of the socket. ughhh, it was nasty. i didn't go to the doctor though and like Hi-Phlyer, i don't plan on ever going to the doctor.
I tore my meniscus, on the first day ever trying a standing full.. I landed the first one I tried then hurt my knee on the second one! I was supposed to get surgery but I didn't want to miss any of our big competitions, so I took a 2 month break with no fulls and I stayed on the team... now that I got my full back, (nothing standing just running) recently I really hurt both my ankles at the same time. I landed with my feet flat but like bent ofer forward, It feels like I'm getting stabbed in the ankles everytime I land something, plus my horrible knee pain but I'm waiting til aftee worlds to get everything fixed!
After Christmas break I was sooo excited to be back at the gym, and I wanted to play on the tumble track sooooo bad! So I was running, and I jumped up on the tumble track and slipped and smacked my left shin on the corner of the metal and I couldn't tumble the rest of the day :( bummmerrrr! The scar is never going to go away lol.
Just in November I dislocated my knee when i was going for a tuck after my backhandspring. I had surgery i december and hopefully should be able to tumble soon!
1. Sprained ankle, cut a layout short a few months ago (and it's still bothering me... ugh)
2. Heel is bruised on my other foot... it's either from running or doing standing tucks in the grass
3. Jammed finger from back handspring
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