All-Star Mtv's Made Soccer Team To Cheerleaders

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Mar 15, 2010
Today (2/2/11) at 4:00p.m MTV's Made will be turning an entire soccer team into a cheerleading squad. PRO Athletics owner Jason was their Made coach!!! The previews for it look good!!
They trained at Pro also! I talked to a few people who had their own practices during the filming and they said it should be good! Very excited to watch since I'm trapped at home all day..
That's awesome! Can't wait to watch since I have nothing to do all day haha!
Haha Jenna!!! I didn't even see you posted a thread. And me too this weather is aweful and I have been trapped in my house for two days now! It needs to be summer asap!!!
It's pretty exciting!!! We love us some Jason Graham. He did the choreagraphy for are Lrg. Senior 3, & Sm. Jr. CoEd 3 ... Can't wait to see him on t.v !!
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