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Cheer Parent
Dec 15, 2009
Is any body else anxiously awaiting their music only to be told that its arriving today and then 3 weeks later you still don't have it? We compete in less than 3 weeks and have paid for 6 mixes so far (and only have two completed). While I absolutely love the product we do have I'm incredibly worried that we'll either have to pull out of the competition costing me tens of thousands of dollars or find a replacement music editor at the last minute - any suggestions? any advice?
What if we just started doing routines to counts? Left the music out completely? No more delays; save thousands of dollars; no more equipment failure in competitions....
I fear that is what we are going to be doing. I am literally being ducked, no return of texts, voice mail or email. But I'm sure I'll eventually get told "good music takes time and/or go use another editor"....I love getting told off when I'm the one dealing with irrate parents, frustrated coaches, disappointed athletes and then of course the loss of thousands of dollars.
well...I am very happy to report that our music has started to arrive and most of the delay was because of communication issues on both sides of the fence. Yay!