Music Music Section Rules - Update 5/22/13

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Dec 4, 2009
This music section can now be used to discuss music mixers, music form the season, as well as tips and tricks on music production, and different parts of the business.

Threads can no longer be specifically started to advertise in here now. You can use the Cheer Market or our new Featured Items to promote your business or specials that are available. You can, however, freely respond to all questions about your business.

Announcing that a new mix is out on SoundCloud, for example, is completely ok! Or if someone asks what is the average price of a mix and you respond with your prices and you are doing a special, that is ok as well. As well as any user making a request for help or asking for recommendations for mixers.

Just no more threads started specifically to advertise.

Non-advertisement posts can discuss who and whatever is wanted, this is a discussion board. Reviews and critiques of music mixers and customers are expected. But when things turn less than civil the admins can ban for up to 7 days.
Can someone please tell me if you absolutely MUST purchase the cheersounds license for your cheer mix ?
There is an option for 33.00 to purchase the license -- if its something that's mandatory.. why do they even give us the option?

I'm confused.
I don't know how CheerSounds is setup, but if you are going to use the music in any Varsity competition, you will have to show you have a license for it. I guess if your going to use it in your gym only, you wouldn't have to have it. We provide a license for everything,

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