All-Star Nca Nostalgia For Cea Fans.

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OMG Morgan, Maddie, Asha, little :)

Loved it....

also, on a side note...I love our current uniforms so much more
That was a great Stingray team that did not back down one inch. I think they had the 3rd or 4th highest score at NCA that year, and we were one ahead, 2 Senior Coed teams Ga and CA were higher I think. This is the win that begin to put CEA in the spotlight, and both of those teams should have won. That said, we really would get creamed for sportmanship in the announcement of winner (1st time I have watched this in 6 years) but they thought they had second, they were after premliminaries and they lost it.
In love with this video. Thanks for posting it for me to enjoy again :)