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Mar 17, 2010
Ok we had a blast at NCA this weekend for the first time! It's amazing to see the great teams levels 1-5!
On another note there is some sad news: I want to share a story that happened this weekend and need to know the team that this Lady was from?

Sunday- Cheer Infinity was about to warm-up when their coach/my wife went into a bathroom. A little girl had pushed open the door and saw a woman passed out... my wife and another lady from I believe Woodlands Elite tried to help, called 911, found her phone and ID, called her daughter and tried their best in anyway to figure things out. Unfortunately this lady did not make it.

This has been on our minds for the past 2 days and we are reaching out to fierce board to pray for this Lady, her daughter and her Granddaughter that the Lady was at the convention center to see compete.

Please if anyone knows the team they are from - I want to get this info for my wife bc I know if at some point they talk it would help.

PM me if you have any info... but please guys please... Pray for this family, they need us to support them.

God Bless you all
Jeff Leforce just posted this on his FB status. Prayers for the whole team:

My heart goes out to Texas Stars who just had an athlete's grandmother pass away 30 min ago in the Dallas Conv Center!

this was the post from the NCA Day 2 thread.

It's very commendable that your wife and that Woodlands mom did what they could to help.
Took me a bit to find it but here was the post from the NCA Day 2 thread:

It's very commendable that your wife and that Woodlands mom did what they could to help
Thanks for the info Shark Dad... I will pass your message on to my wife!
This breaks my heart :(
Not only having lost a mother myself, but this young girl will forever have this memory tied to her cheerleading career :/
Bumping this up. Hopefully someone can help you get this information! Sending my prayers to the family!
Thank you guys, but we will respect the wishes of the coaches and family... I did get the info from the other lady that was helping out with everything so thats a plus so my wife and her can talk. I know both know that GOD put them there for a reason...
God Bless the family of the lady
Awful. And yes, I, too, fear that the young lady will have a negative association. Praying that the family heals.