All-Star Nebraska?

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Apr 29, 2010
So i'm spending most of my summer in Nebraska and I neeeed to tumble! I know of some gyms but I want to know if any of you have any personal experience with them and what you may recommend? any information would be appreciated :)
Elite cheer is omaha! i've taken a few of our girls up there over breaks to tumble. Their facility is awesome and they have great coaches! It comes highly recommended from me! :) hope this helps! if you have questions you can ask!

They don't have gyms in Nebraska...
Just tumble through the corn fields :p
First off - Nebraska - Ew. Im from Iowa, and Nebraska is the only state worse then Iowa. LOL! Sorry I cant be more help. Good luck tho!
haha yeah i haaaateeeee it there so i need tumbling to help get me through the summer :)
We went up to visit and tumble at Elite Cheer in Nebraska like krissycole44 said. I would highly recommend going there! The gym and all the equipment is amazing and the coaches are awesome!!
this is really helpful! last year i tumbled at NE Allstar Tigers and i'm looking to try something new, Thank you!
The only thing I have ever done in Iowa was the RAGBRAI bike ride.. 3 times..