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Jan 11, 2014
This is a list of Level 5 Worlds Teams from the Garden State (or from a Jersey based franchise) for the 2018-2019 season.

Open/International Open 5

•Spirit Factory Senior Ice

•South Jersey Storm Lady Reign

•World Cup Zenith (Easton)

Open/International Open Large Coed 5

•South Jersey Storm Hurricanes (Int.)???

•ACX Diamonds Uncut

Extra Small 5

•Jersey All Stars Villains

•Gems Cheer Stars Ice

•Premier Headliners

•Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells

•Star Athletics Senior Red

•World Cup Gemini (Ohio)

Extra Small Coed 5

•All Star One Big Bang

Small Senior 5

•Jersey Pride Liberty

•CC Champs Shine

Small Coed 5

•Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz

Medium Senior 5

•New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab 5

•World Cup Suns

Medium Coed 5

•World Cup Odyssey

Large Senior 5

•World Cup Shooting Stars

Am I missing any? Comment below!
Not open for further replies.