All-Star New Season Previews?

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Feb 3, 2011
So I have to take a year off due to finances, which leaves me obsessive, lifeless, and empty. Every year teams top the previous year (typically) but from what I have been gathering this year is going to be epic. For example CEA Senior Elite has a suprise stunt and routine that tops every other past routine an has a whole new look (and is top secret unfortunatey). Cali Senior Elite said ALREADY they are better than last year. Seriously is that even possible? (also details are also secret). Shooting stars are better than last year according to athletes. Stingrays orange has mckenzie, angel, hailey, and 17 other amazing athletes... they will obviously be amazing!!

So I guess what I am trying to say is (obv don't share surprises haha) what do you know teams are doing? I realize this is early in the year but a lot of teams have choreography done. 2012 is going to be epic, and I literally can not wait til everyone's performance debuts! So what's going on in routines?
Panthers arent messing around, nor is Cheetahs! I CANT wait to see cali sm sr. I hear they have stepped up their tumbling quite abit this season. NCA will be everyones pre worlds & i cant wait!