New Skills!!!!

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Dec 15, 2009
Who is excited about trying or throwing a new skill this year?

Did you hit it at tryouts? Try it and get close? What's the next new skill you are going to be working for this summer?

I was very excited for my CP at tryouts yesterday. She thew her 3 to double very high and Courtney said "she should try her 2 to double". (Courtney is great at constantly challenging kids to do better). So Megan tried one with a spot, then landed it by herself.

I know there are more excited kids and parents out there. . . .
This will be my CP's first year at level 5, so she's super excited to compete all her level 5 skills. She had been working on her standing two to full leading up to tryouts and landed it great. Then they asked her to try one to full and she landed that too (first time ever)!! She was so happy! This summer she'll be working on punch through to full and is obsessed with landing a standing full! She's not ambitious at all....haha!! We'll see! She's certainly determined!
Two weeks ago at tumbling class my cp was instructed on RO BHS whip BHS tuck (and layout). She was having trouble coming out of the whip to a BHS. This week at tumbling she did it! And then she didn't want to leave and stayed for a total of 3 classes. Lol. She also landed her toe touch tuck for the first time and then 5 consecutive times at the END of two hours of tumbling.
Hailey has been given quite a laundry list of skills to get this summer to increase her difficulty in tumbling. Praying for a cool gym and no injuries so she can make them all happen!
P.s. your daughter looks like she could be related to the little girl on panthers.
Which girl? Pic?
I will look. When i watched the ESPN broadcast i immediately thought they looked alike. She is a shorter flier. Same haircut it seems. And she is in the back right for the dance.