All-Star New Uniforms 2011-2012

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Jan 2, 2011
Since theres a thread for Uniforms for the 2010-2011 I decided to make thread for 2011-2012 season so we wont have to go through hundreds of pages:)

Any new uniforms for this season coming up?
Well, since we're going to a brand new gym that's just opening up, they'll have new uniforms. I have no idea what they'll look like yet. Can't wait to see them though! I love getting new unis (even though I'm just an old things are still exciting! :D) As soon as I can (and am allowed to obviously) I'll post a pic.
Our new team from Illinois is getting new uniforms obviously. Triple Threat- Blackout <3
Twisters Elite, 5 Star Elite and LZ Elite combining level 5 teams.
They will be varsity and all I can is that they will be HOT.