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  1. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star Monica Aldama removed from “Ineligibility List“, uniform reveals + what does Double O & Taylor Swift have in common?

    Navarro coach Monica removed from the “Ineligibility List“ Navarro Cheer coach Monica Aldama was put on USA Cheer’s “Ineligibility List“ earlier this year, which we reported on in this newsletter. Here are parts of it: She has now been removed from the list again, after investigations failed...
  2. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star NEWS: Cheer Athletics Cheetahs theme + uniform reveal, showcase videos & cheerleading has turned 125!

    Welcome back to another weekly recap of allstar cheer! Showcase videos & upcoming dates 📷 Showcase videos: Cheer Athletics, South Coast Cheer, MAC’s Cheer & Top Gun All-Stars 24k’s impressive level 4 routine (more Top Gun routines will be shown at the Miami showcase on November 19th). 📆 Coming...
  3. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 👩‍💻 NEWS: New Varsity lawsuit, Andy’s channel is back & have you seen these AI-generated uniforms?

    New lawsuit against Varsity, USASF & others Another week, another lawsuit… (See our coverage of previous ones here) Who’s surprised? Who filed the lawsuit? the ‘Open Cheer & Dance Championship Series’ (owner of the Open Championship Series), ‘The Open Cheer and Dance’ (hosts the annual Allstar...
  4. wondervvivi

    All-Star Low budget Uniforms?

    Hey everyone, We want our next uniforms to be beautiful but on a budget. I already have contacted several brands but I want to learn from your experiences. How much did you pay for your uniforms? From what brand did you order? How fast was the production and shipping? Is the quality good? How...
  5. C

    How can I sell cheer uniforms?

    Hi all! I have about 130 cheer uniforms that our old director ordered last season that I am trying to resale. Does anyone know where I can possibly do this? We paid about 11000 for them. They are black and red and say Warriors on them. Thank you for your help in advance!
  6. A

    High School Cheerleading Uniforms

    Hello, I am a new high school cheer coach and need to order uniforms for my team. Our school has a limited athletics budget and was just able to fundraise enough for uniforms. My school does not have a complete set of uniforms right now. Our first competition is in December and we would need...
  7. oncecoolcoachnowmom

    All-Star 22–23 Uniforms

    Wasn’t sure if we had a uniform thread going yet for the season but I needed space to talk about how badly we need to stop the ride. I want to get off.
  8. Leaira

    High School Rebel Athletic uniforms

    What are your opinions on Rebel Athletic brand uniforms? I particularly love the fabric they use, as well as the full long-sleeve boy-cut bodysuits with the 5-snap bottoms. Have any of you ever worn those before?
  9. K

    OT Old uniforms for Halloween?

    Hi there, I am new here and I was wondering if anyone would have any old cheerleading uniforms in an adult large or extra large size that I can purchase for Halloween. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance
  10. N

    High School hot weather uniforms

    I dont think our heat wave we've had all summer is going to subside. How does everyone begin the season for FB cheer if it remains hot. Im assisting a HS squad that has the coach out for a medical issue for a bit. Their uniforms are all long sleeve but they have a stash of older styles from...
  11. Caesarea

    All-Star Crazy Uniforms

    Stomach mesh has made it to IASF last year at worlds. SMOED's was so see-through that it might not have been there at all (although it seems to match everyone's skin tone well, for once with nude mesh). I'm done with single-season, crazy-themed, Day Two uniforms like Top Gun seems to love...
  12. Caesarea

    High School Uniforms in High School Cheerleading

    Hi, I'm kinda new here (long-time lurker though) so feel free to correct me if my post is all messed up and in the wrong format...hopefully it's not, BUT: How does your school do uniforms? My school has Varsity and JV in reverse colors for Sideline season, and then a different uniform (and...
  13. H

    For Parents So why ARE uniforms so expensive?

    My husband’s jaw dropped when he finally registered that our uniforms are $650.00 each. Short of telling him that Varsity runs a racket and gets the price they demand, always have, always will, can anyone help a newbie out with explaining WHY the uniforms cost so much? To my husband’s point, we...
  14. cheercurl

    All-Star Worlds 2022 New Uniform Debute

    Is there a thread for New Uniforms Debuted at Worlds 2022?
  15. oncecoolcoachnowmom

    All-Star Uniforms 21-22

    I wasn’t sure if we had a 21-22 uniform thread. GLOC6 has a magic theme and this was what they came up with, themes must be stoppped.
  16. Kentucky Girl

    College Cheerleading Uniforms

    How did cheerleading uniforms at the University of Kentucky changed little compared to other schools?
  17. TheCheerBuzz

    OT Vote For Your Favorite Shooting Stars Uniform!

    “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a shooting star!” Do you have the same favorite as everyone else? Vote here: Which Shooting Stars Uniform Is Your Favorite? - TheCheerBuzz
  18. J

    Uniform Designing For Fun...

    I keep seeing all these people all over that have created these uniform designs just for the fun of it and they're always using one of a couple different body "templates". Does anyone know where a person can find those? My daughter wants to play with design ideas but I have no idea where you get...
  19. DonnaM

    All-Star 2020-2021 Uniform Reveals

    Memphis Cheer posted theirs today. They last changed in 2017-2018, so I guess it's time.
  20. S

    All-Star Group For Cheer Uniform Designers - Novice And Professional ;-)

    Cheer Uniform design group on facebook