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I am a new high school cheer coach and need to order uniforms for my team.

Our school has a limited athletics budget and was just able to fundraise enough for uniforms. My school does not have a complete set of uniforms right now. Our first competition is in December and we would need uniforms by December 12th at the absolute latest.

Does anyone have anyone have any suggestions for companies that are able to produce uniforms within a 4 week timeframe?

I have only checked with Varsity and Champion so far and was told they would not be delivered until the end of January.
Chasse sells cheer uniforms on Amazon. They're relatively generic, but you can always get patches sewn on later with your school name/mascot.

Our middle school uses those uniforms and the quality is pretty good.
Wherever you go look at stock options and see if you can get them printed somewhere locally. I have had wonderful experiences with championteamwear and omnicheer. Custom things take longer but I was in a pinch to get my modified team uniforms I got some stock ones from championteamwear.com and had them printed at our local shop. We love them and they have a great selection of stock ones on hand.
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