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Dec 14, 2009
Does anyone know of any great restaurants in NYC? I'm going tomorrow and Wednesday as my 18th bday gift and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions. :)
well if you want a hoot you could go to lucky changs in the village for chinese and drag queens....really hysterical
or the best Italian in the world is Carmines.... They have an uptown location and a location in Times Square you can google carmines nyc for info
You can go to Little Italy/China Town and see what looks good
For my 18th (years ago) we went on the world yacht....dinner cruise around the city and it was fab....
good luck and have fun!!!!
I've been to NYC twice before, once with my mom for a day and once for a school trip. I find it funny that you mention carmines because that is the only restaurant in NYC I've ever eaten at! it is so delicious and we were going to go there one day and find a new place for the other day.
Planet Hollywood! Tell them it's your birthday and they put your name on the big screen and announce it to the restaurant :)