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its harder to tumble in nike's because they're heavier and sometimes if you're a flyer it's harder to stunt as well.. :)
nike is a GREAT shoe brand, just not for cheerleading,
nfinitys are very narrow which isnt good for me and my widee foot haha
no limits are SOOOOO light, and different, i still have a brand new pair from this season, too bad i cant wear em.....
this is just what i think, not tryinggg to be obnoxious, ! GOOD LUCK!
Everyone loves nfinitys because they are light...... but they are a horrible shoe! I have seen over 5 pair of shoes already fall apart in a month! (and they are not being worn outside the gym)
That's the only thing I don't like about nfinitys is the fact they fall apart. My oldest had a pair I had to super glue back together after her 1st competition. Our pair from last year held up pretty well and cp can still wear them but they don't have much life left in them.
This year she is trying the high top Reeboks since everyone in the gym seems to wear them, so far she loves them but I had to super glue the toe back to the sole last different shoe...same problem....
We really liked the No Limits when she tried them at SC last year, hoping to get a pair this year for her.
I just saw a video for these shoes! I love the Nfinities, but yes, they do fall apart. Wish something could be done about that.
I find Nikes to be way too stiff to tumblr and jump in, but I do like that it feels like I'm getting more ankle support. Nfinitys are really light, but I go through a pair about every six months, when my old Kaepas lasted me four years and are still in a decent condition. :/
Good info on the daughter is 7 and needs some good shoes. Right now she's using the nikes she had issued to her from her youth league football cheering season. I guess they're okay, but I really don't know much about cheer shoes. Right now she's in an allstar prep class where she is tumbling, stunting, etc. I guess what I'm looking for are some shoes that will be light but offer good support for her while she learns. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I've tried them on but haven't competed in them yet. Here are my first thoughts about them:

1. Very light, but have a solid sole unlike nfinities, so they will probably hold up longer.
2. They come in high tops too. Super ugly, but good for those people that need a high top.
3. They run small, but also wide. I have a very narrow foot and have to tie them so that the leather sides where the lace holes are touch. My coach told me to just tape the front so it's tighter.
Ugh, we have the Nikes and I don't like them! They're really heavy and bulky, but good to stunt in.
Nfinitys have always been my favorite because they're easy to tumble in and light, but they do fall apart too easily.
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