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May 9, 2010
I always knew my school didn't have very much spirit but I'm just now realizing how ridiculous it is. Homecoming was last night and by the end of the game there were probably less than 20 kids there. This last week I kept on hearing people say how stupid spirit week is, what a waste of time homecoming is, and how bad rallies suck.
I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas of ways to get people excited and up the school spirit?
if you throw things into the ccroud. they usually get pretty psyched :D
or... if push comes to shove, talk to one of the "popular" influential people inthe croud, to help them cheer with you guys to get them pumped up? or cool stunts? if you get the whole school involved, not just cliques, people wil have fun. free stuff always works.
That's really to bad that your school doesn't have a lot of school spirit! I've been lucky enough to be involved with schools that have lots of spirit, so it's hard to imagine experiencing just the opposite. Here are some links to a few sites with great ideas. Good luck with trying to turn things around. Remember that you may not see a change overnight, but hopefully in time your student body will want to start displaying school pride!
Maybe you could give people incentives or like 'rewards' or something like that to get them to go to events. ;) Like extra credit. LOL. Bribe themm. :D Just an idea. :)
Maybe you could give people incentives or like 'rewards' or something like that to get them to go to events. ;) Like extra credit. LOL. Bribe themm. :D Just an idea. :)

i agree with this completely.
my school, AND our rivals combined for a car raffle that we would get an entry for if we did well or did something nice for someone, it was a competition between the two schools to be better then the other and really brang the spirit up.
when they raffled the car off , you were to bring your ticket to the pep-rally-ish/fair they had at the opposing school.
one of the people from my school actually won the car , my friends sister! there were also even second and third, maybe even fourth place items like laptops!

it wasnt really for homecoming or a football game, but it sure got the pep up! good luck!
It all depends on your alumni when it comes to homecoming!

Homecoming at my school is the best experience EVER! So many people from the 1970's to present come to the homecoming football game! It's such a live experience!
maybe link it to a schoolparty? like pep rally followed by a party and those who attended the pep rally get a voucher to get in for free? other need to pay a ticket to go to the party?
and involve the people to the activities, that way they dont just sit down and watch and get bored.
maybe do a survey on how school activities can be improved?
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