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This is terrible. People already put their phones in their bras, I don't know why you need to invent a new bra for it. And the tag line... No thanks.
Hahahaha. This made my day. What has happened to this world? The other day at practice, I was stretching with another girl on the mat, and she goes, "Oh shoot my phone is still in my bra!", and proceeded to run up to the lobby. So confused as to why one would think that it is fine to keep a phone in your bra.
Alright, so here's my view. Sometimes at competitions you just don't have a place to put your phone. I was always a phone-in-shell kind of girl, but that was only if my hands were full. You would never catch me DEAD with my phone in my skirt though....

Or wearing Uggs with my uni... -__-
This reminds me of my grandma. When traveling, she would sew a little pocket in her bra to hold her extra trip money until she reached her destination. I think the pocket in the sports bra is just fine. It's better than having to dig for the phone if it happens to slip down. Whatever works!!
I just put my phone in my backpack... or if I don't have mine I either carry it in my hand or I put it in my friends backpack (not good when you get seperated from said friend and you have to track them down though...) I dont put it in my skirt though because it might fall out and I would loose my phone... but with this bra howmany kids would try to compete with their phone/ipod or whatever else in their bra?

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