OT October Blizzard???

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Apr 13, 2010
Not sure about everyone else but here in the Hudson Valley (NY) we are having a nor easter! Can not remeber a snow storm in these parts in October ever!
Here in MA too. Not a fan of mother nature right now. I'm going to be one miserable person if the next 5 or so months continue like this.
We got 5 INCHES OF SNOW LAST NIGHT. There was quite a cold girls in their costumes ;)
snow in va my hs comp got canceled and we don't normally get it til december........
We got more than a foot of snow and have no power, internet or cable and very limited cell phone service, which meant no showcase for me yesterday:eek: . School is cancelled until next week. Hope everyone in the northeast is ok!
we got so much snow on saturday night into sunday morning, trees everywhere, transfusors exploded, no power...but i still had a cheer competition, and it was supposed to be a 4 hour comp, but it was only an hour becuase only a few teams ended up going