Cheer Season Overview (Help Me Understand)

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Oct 3, 2021
I purchased FierceBoard a while back. I am the owner of...

ChalkBucket is a forum just like this... but for gymnastics. I used to coach tumbling for cheer many years ago... had some great tumblers (advanced class all had double fulls). However... I have been a head gymnastics coach for many years now.

As a gymnastics coach... I know tumbling... that's about it as far as cheer goes. One of the major issues that I am having with promoting this site is knowing when things are happening. Can you guys give me a basic overview of a season?

  • Major competitions
  • Tryout time
  • Previews / Preseason
  • Uniform show offs
  • What else?
Thanks in advance for responding... I would love to hear from as many of you as possible.

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Tryouts are usually April/May.

New Uni's get released randomly. You'll see a bunch over the summer. Sometimes you'll see some right before Worlds. Of course there's always the surprise new uni's that show up at Worlds.

Showcase's are early fall or so. October for many, since that's right before the season starts.

Major Competitions:
Worlds - April
Summit - May
NCA - March 2024
Cheersport - February

Those are probably the biggest. There are others but NCA and Worlds are probably the biggest in my book.
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Completely agree with the other commenter, also for preseason showcases, the gyms you’re looking for (for the most part, I’m from Cali so I may not get all the big East Coast gyms lol) are the California Allstars, Cheer Extreme, Cheer Athletics, and Top Gun. Stingray Allstars, CheerForce, Twist & Shout, and Spirit of Texas are also good gyms with some big name teams, but I don't keep up with them apart from Worlds, so not sure about preseason showcases for them.

For me, my favorite part of the season more so than uni reveals are theme reveals, specifically for Double O and TGLC. Many other teams do themes as well, but those are two incredible heavy-hitting Worlds-winning teams, so I go out of my way to keep up with info on the theme for their seasons.

Competition wise, if you know NCA is usually held around Februrary/March and Worlds is always in April, then you've hit the 2 major competitions that most casual cheer fans care about. Worlds is for levels 5-7, the level 1-4 equivalent is Summit, which is May.
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@NJ Coach pretty much got it. Tryouts April-May, but many gyms now do a longer tryout process with teams not announced until later May/June. Showcases September-November with the biggest gyms who will have theirs streaming in October. Smaller competitions start in October-November, "nationals" start in December. Biggest ones are NCA in February and Summit/Worlds end of April. Jamfest/MAJORS in January is another huge one. I feel like uniform reveals are year-long.
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