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Apr 7, 2011
Do you ever get those gyms sayings/cheers stuck in your head cause you see them to much or listen to their music 24/7? If so, what are they?

My top 2 would have to be ECN; "Delaware's finest is here to take the floor, East Coast Nitros even stronger than before."

And SE; "The name you know, the best, yes it's true. An Explosion of Spirit in red, white, and blue."
the basket music from Cali Coed this past year ALWAYS gets stuck in my head, and so does Cali Elite's Jump section.
Weathergirl's jumps are always stuck in my head also!
"East elite has what the other teams lack. We wear the E's back to back".
Bugs me because 1. East Elite doesn't even exist anymore- now they are ECE and 2. I never really got it to begin with. I know those are prob supposed to be two separate thoughts but it always came across as one idea and I was like, so? LOL but MAJOR props for coming up with something so catchy that I'll likely be babbling it when I'm 100 with Alzheimer's!
"Go ahead a watch us, watch us. Yes, we look so fierce, fierce. Clap it up, now kick it higher. Weathergirls are so on fire. Step to us, don't think so girl. I'll ** you, you, and you, and you!"

All day errday.
Oh my, there's alot.
-Gymtyme Nfinity (the international coed 6 team) when the music whispers "we are g-t coed"
-CA Sr.elite "blablabla, check your stats, the girls are back"
-NJSE Fab 5 "who owns the night, fab 5, you won't believe your eyes. i'm not cocky, i just love myself"
-Fame Super Seniors "step, walk, pose" in the dance.

I can't think of any more right now.. I've got cheer block :)
GT Pink ''I'm not cocky i just love myself''
Brandon ''Know our name we will win B R A N D O N''
Marlins '' This is how your world began and this is how it ends''
F5 ''Twisters never quit never fall we always rise above it all''
Black Ice '' Forecast Delivery Black Ice is slippery''