All-Star Opposites?!

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I don't mind. It's not standard, but if they do it well (and cleaner than they would flying with their left leg), more power to them.
they were clean for the most part so i guess doesn't matter. I love Crimson Heat! Their parents are super nice :) We always find ourselves cheering with them in the crowd lol
Hate it. They could double up to opposite and it would still bother me. Don't know why, it's just one of my pet peeves for some reason.

(Very talented team, and not directed towards them. Just meant about flying on opposite in general.)
it's unorthodox and looks awkward. maybe wouldn't be as bad if teams did their double downs to the right as well. a lot of times it looks like flyers are dropping their legs before dismounting.

glad they switched.
I don't see a problem with flying "goofy leg" (what we called it) if you can also fly on your right leg! I don't know of a single college squad that completely stunts on the left leg!
You have to be able to fly on either leg for pyramids and in college, so I don't see a problem with teaching it and working the skill to perfection (obviously). That said, it just looked weird, I guess because i'm not used to it. At least the WHOLE TEAM was on their left leg though. I can't stand when it's all a mess of rt leg and lft leg business.
I love Heat! :) Of course it looks strange since we are used to seeing flyers on their right leg. However, I think it only strengthens the flyers! I first learned to fly on my goofy leg and to this day I am completely comfortable flying left leg for pyramids in college etc. Even if teams don't compete on the wrong leg, IMO all flyers should have some sort of experience flying on it and working on opposite leg flexibility. I think it resembles to bases learning to main and side/secondary base. It's important to be an all around stunter not just a main base or just a right leg flyer in the pyramid! :)
I thought they switched... but I don't mind as long as it's clean..

But I agree its sometimes an advantage because in college some stunts and pyramids do require you to fly on the left leg.
For the record...Crimson Heat 5-Alarm has switched legs. It has been an uphill battle but they fight with their hearts and they are a group of truly committed, humble and hardworking girls. They made the switch to conform to the "norm" when truth be told there is no written standard or rule on which leg is "right" or "wrong". USASF doesn't offer guidance on this topic. It has worked for this gym for a long time (11 years in fact) and the issue has never once come up on a score sheet.