All-Star Part Velvet Uniforms

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Jul 5, 2010
What does everyone think of uniforms that a part made up of velvet material? Which teams have them? Are they comfy?
I like the velvet, it is comfy, but I agree with Robert it gets hot, but I like them because their different and not the typical metallic rhinestone straps we are seeing this year :)
Fierce had them for years (remember the 1/2 pink & 1/2 black?). My daughter loved hers, she said it was comfy. They look pretty on the floor, velvet seems to "pop".
They look really soft from far I think I would be petting my skirt all day if I had a uniform of that material. Are they actually that soft or do they ever get itchy? because some velvets are on the itchy side and others can be nice
I loove the way it looks but if they get sweaty wouldnt the velvet kind of flatten or loose texture until dry?
Fame's uniforms are one of my favourite uniforms! i love the look of velvet
i think it really would get hot though :/ and not be very breathable
Ill say this, my teams wears two uniforms. The velvet ones and the
Gk ones from last year, and just from having to wear both I'd pick the
Velvet anyway, looks better, it's also very good for all body types wear the gk ones are never forgiving
my gymnastics leotards are nearly all velvet, i love them! theyve never itched and tbh im no hotter in them than i am my other leotards.