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Feb 7, 2011
I hope that I am not alone in my weirdness but whenever you see your gym being talked about on here do you get like super excited? I mean I know I do.
I like when people talk about small gyms and their talent. It just shows to me that the small gyms are trying so hard to make it with the big dogs and are getting reconized for it. ( I may be a tad bias about small gyms cause I'm from one)
hahah We're nevvvver talked about on here (except a little in the uniform thread) and I love the appreciation for small gyms :)
I come from TNT a small gym in Indiana . We went against GT's level 3 . We completely smashed them every time we went against them . I was personally afraid it was going to be the other way around . And then one time we didn't see them at a competition . And our coach got info that they shrunk their team so they didn't have to compete against us . (; <3 it . lol
Yes I love it ! My gym All Star Cheer Academy is rarely talked about in here, but we've beat some of the top ranked gyms in the country this year like NJSE and Maryland Twisters
Aw! I wouldn't know haha, the only small gym I've been from fell apart four years ago... :(
But I could only imagine! I guess it would be kind of like when you hear a coach/teacher/ other person or cheerleader talking about you specifically, you feel recognized and all special heheheh :)
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