All-Star Personalized Bows For Your Backpacks.

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Jul 11, 2010
So my friend brought up a good point - that it's really hard to tell who's spirit sports backpack (or any bag from a competition for that matter) is yours because they all look the same. I'm trying to see how many people would be interested if I made personalized bows that clip onto the zipper of your backpack.

On one tail they'd say the gym name/whatever you would want it to say and the other tail would say your name. Feel free to give some feedback on this idea. Thanks!
That seems like a really cute idea. I'd totally buy one if I had a cheer bag to put it on haha. Good luck with it!!
i saw a team that had bows like this, but for the girls heads. they each had the girls name on them. it was cute
I will be making them! I can put just about anything on them! If anyone wants to order, PM me! They'll be $5 a bow on a hairtie or $4 on a clip for the zipper! Orders of 15+ will get 10% off and 25+ will get 15% off :)

and any suggestions people have for them would be greatly appreciated! :)
Once you make one, can you post a picture please?
my cp uses one for her backpack at school.....really helps her spot her bag quickly at school and home :)
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