OT Please!!! Give This Boy A Hallelujah!!

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Jan 17, 2011
Tonight on America's Got Talent, there is a young man by the name of Dylan Andre who will be performing for your votes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tune in and vote for him!!!! He was/is an All-Star cheerleader from Spring Valley Heat all stars in PA. He is an amazing person all around. He has so much talent in him for both cheer and music. My daughter used to cheer with him at Heat, and is part of the reason why she loves the sport. He was the first person she ever saw throw a full (on a dead mat btw) when he was about 14, and from that point on, she wanted "to do what he did". My husband and I remember seeing him 'just messing around' on the guitar years ago. He really has worked so hard for everything he has done, and he's finally made it to Hollywood! Here's him covering "Hallelujah"
PLEASE watch and vote for him!!!