All-Star Post Some Pictures Of Your Weekend At Nca!!

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Mar 24, 2010
I know my CP getting to see her friends is her favorite part of NCA Nationals (with the exception of actually competing that is, lol). Here are a couple of pics from this past weekend.

Post your pics from this past weekend as well. :)

Why am I so dumb at this?? The pictures aren't showing up!!! Grrr
You must be doing the same thing I was doing! lol
Mine is from photobucket. I was trying to copy and paste the IMG link but it wouldn't work. So I copy and pasted the direct link and it worked. ;)
You're just pasting it wrong I think - I was able to grab the image link from your post. you have to do

thank you!! lol.... not that computer savy!! any way... here she is!! So proud of her!!