High School Prayers & Encouragement For Erika

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Oct 3, 2010
Erika Holt needs us to send her some love, prayers & encouragement. She's a cheerleader at Tecumseh High in Ohio and she's very sick. Erika is really sad, because she's too sick to cheer her senior year... Click this link to read her story and cheer her up!


"Our lives change as we change the lives of others."
Erika's coach shared this message early today... "To see other people we don't even know support Erika makes me feel so good and of course cry! It is very hard on all of us. She is a great leader and had cheered all of her life. Please pray hard! As of last night she was back at the hospital for more tests!"
I'll be praying for Erika- I hope that she is well soon and can get on with the things she enjoys!
Praying for Erika. Mono is NOT fun. I had it my junior year of HS and was out of school for a month and could not cheer for 3 months. Stay strong girl!
Just heard from Erika's coach that she has been admitted to the hospital again! We still don't know what's going on! Please pray for her!
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