Prayers For Mackenzie From Aviator

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Dec 15, 2009
I saw this post from the Aviator coaches on facebook. Everyone, please take a moment and pray for this sweet girl and her family!!!! The power of prayer is a wonderful thing!

For those of you that aren't aware one of our athletes had to be rushed to the hospital tonight. She was completely fine one minute and then the next she was pale, dizzy, a had a horrible headache. Her condition declined quickly. After going to Gaston Memorial she was flown to Levine Children's hospital and rushed into emergency surgery to drain the fluid on her brain. After surgery they were able to get a CT scan to see what was causing the bleeding in her brain. They will hopefully be able to find out more information tomorrow. The doctors believe this could be something that Mackenzie has had her entire life but has never presented any symptoms until tonight.

Please pray for the entire Truss family!! Her twin Jordan is being very strong for her sister but needs encouragement from all her family and friends! Since this was such a sudden event the Truss family is still trying to process such a crazy situation. They have already received all of your text messages and appreciate the love and support they have been shown! Like any parents they are overwhelmed that their sweet little girl was fine one moment and in brain surgery the next without any notable reason.

As for now they have asked that we update you all because there is no way they are able to respond to the outpouring of support. We are going to be in contact with them to through out the coming days and will be posting on our Aviator FB page to help keep everyone informed. As for right now pray for strength for Joni & Art (Mom & Dad), and for her three sisters! Pray for knowledge and wisdom for the doctors and nurses as well as a gentle touch as they work endlessly to help Mackenzie. Mackenzie is currently sedated so that she can use all of her strength to help heal whatever is causing the bleeding in her brain. Please pray for God to give her little body the strength to fight and the comfort to know the love and support she has.

Currently the only thing we can do is pray!! As soon as we know more we promise to update you as soon as possible!!! We NEED our Aviator Family more than ever right now!!!!

Ashley & Keith
So sad and terrifying for them. I can't even imagine... :( Many prayers coming their way!
Very scary. Mackenzie and her family are in my thoughts.
Prayers for Mackenzie and her family. Please keep us updated on how she is doing.
I will keep the family and the little girl in my prayers and add her to our prayer list tomorrow at church. Poor thing
Wow, the story gives me chills. I can't even imagine...this really puts things in perspective. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to Mackenzie, the Truss family & twin sister, friends, and teammates/coaches.
The power of prayer!!! :)

*******************************************************************************************************************If there was ever doubt in the power of prayer today was one of the most reinforcing experiences in my life!! This morning I woke up to prayers being lifted up across the southeast!! GOD IS GOOD!! We spoke with Joni (Mackenzie's Mom) this morning. The doctors were able to find out the exact location of the bleed!!!! THANK YOU LORD!! They have now moved her condition level from critical to stable! Just to ensure that Mackenzie has plenty of strength to continue to heal they are going to keep her sedated for a few more days. The doctors and nurses have all been amazed at the strength and fight that sweet little Mackenzie has!! They are all very optimistic about her current condition and the progress she is making on even and hourly bases! Joni said that Mackenzie has regained her color and has great reaction to stimuli. She looks very comfortable and peaceful! GOD IS GOOD!!!

We believe in praying specific prayers. So please continue to pray for the doctors and nurses as they treat her. Pray for wisdom and for them to have the right words to help encourage Mackenzie and the entire family each step of the way. Pray for Art and Joni! Pray that they are able to find comfort! I know last night was a very long night and they are tired. Pray for strength for them as they face each day. Pray that even the smallest bit of progress will seem as a giant victory so that the whole family doesn't grow weary.

Mackenzie does have an identical twin, Jordan. The bond that those two girls have is something that is so precious!! Just like everyone yesterday the entire situation was taking a little bit of time to process. Jordan today began to realize what all took place yesterday. She is just as strong as Mackenzie is and is literally 10 going on 18 but like everyone she is scared for her sister. Jordan needs an outpouring of love and encouragement! From even the early stages of yesterday at the gym Jordan was there for Mackenzie and was determined to be strong for her. Please pray that Jordan is able to have the courage to ask the questions she has to help her get the answers she needs to begin to feel peace. Pray that she realizes she is allowed to be scared and her family and friends are going to be the strength and courage she needs right now.

The Truss family does have 4 girls ( God bless them :)) Jordan and Mackenzie are the babies and their older sisters names are Kaitlyn and Emily. Kaitlyn is graduating from college at UNCW this Saturday!! Today she has her last 2 exams and is driving home to be with her family. Pray for her to have clarity as she takes her last 2 finals. Pray for safety as she travels home. Emily is a senior at South Point High School. Keith and I aren't as close with her but just watching her interact with her family last night she was a sweet and outgoing teenager! Pray for her strength in the coming days as she tries to prepare for all the stresses that come with the completion and graduation from high school!

This mornings update was so positive!!!! There are not enough words to express the appreciation we all have for the countless prayers that have been lifted up. Please continue to pray! God most certainly was surrounding Mackenzie with His protection yesterday. The doctors said that everything was caught early and they are confident in Mackenzie ability to recover!

We will continue to update you all as soon as we hear!! Thank you all again for the overwhelming response and support. The Truss family is receiving all of your messages and appreciate the encouragement! They have requested no visitors at this time but are very appreciative of the prayers their family has be surrounded with. We will keep you updated and inform you all when they are ready for visitors.