College Putting Mascots In Pyramids

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Feb 24, 2011
Most squads do not include mascots in the pyramids, but schools such as Kentucky and UCF do.

My question is which pyramids work best for mascots? Thanks!
I think any pyramid where a mascot is in the center and is either in a prep or extension is good. The suits can often be cumbersome and restrict vision, so anything further would probably be unsafe.
I like a mascot in the center of a pyramid like the UCF one shown, but only at a game. The mascot has no place in a competition routine. I love UofL, but I hate when the bird comes out during the routines, it blocks my view of the cheerleaders.
Definitely. Mascots are not allowed to compete with the cheerleaders at the UCA College Nationals but the NCA allows it.
I want to see Mike, Big Al, Smokey or Aubie in a Swedish Falls this year... Maybe they can put them as mid layer in a tower pyramid. Let's show Knightro what the SEC can bring!

For now all we get is crowd surfing...

BTW I love this time of year!!!!
Well, I have been Smokey in pyramids before and the Nittany Lion was a flyer in the table top pyramid. But every time the Wildcat Pyramid is performed (whether it's a football game or a basketball game) while the band performs the "2001: Space Odyssey Theme," the crowd at Commonwealth Stadium or Rupp Arena (where they use the flag in the background), goes absolutely crazy!