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Dec 15, 2009
Hi everyone, so I just have a quick question that I hope someone could help me with.

I've been using Sony Sound Forge (pro 10.0 and prior versions) and I'm about to make the switch over to Adobe Audition. My only problem is I'm not sure if I should go the route of getting Adobe Audition 3 (keep seeing that SlapFire/SlapU! is using 3) or if I should be getting the newest version, being Adobe Audition CS5.5.

I've done a few google searches (forum too, but nothing - so that's why I started a new thread) of Audition 3 vs CS5.5 and it's kind of helpful but mixing cheer music is a completely different aspect than everything I could find. There are a few features in Audition 3 that have been left out of CS5.5, and that's where my debate comes into play. I 'm worried that the features left out might be ones that pertain to cheer mixing, but also seeing all of the new features in CS5.5 makes me wonder if it would be generally better overall.

If anyone could help that would be great! And if you wanna throw some tips at me about using Audition and/or help me with the transition from Sound Forge into Audition, I will love you long time! =)

Thanks!! ---
Good question. We still using and recommending Audition 3.0 for some of the reasons that you mention above. Some of the "missing" features are definitely things that we use quite often in cheer music, and there really is no plus side to switching to the newer, less full featured product.

Here is the story as we understand it. Adobe bought the software company Syntrillium years ago. Syntrillium was the creator of the Cool Edit Pro series of programs. Adobe saw it as being valuable and wanted to intergrate a full featured DAW into the Creative Suite. Since those days, Audition has been built off of that very same audio engine and platform. They may have given it a facelift from time to time, but the guts of it was still Syntrillium. Recently, Adobe decided that they wanted to "big boys" and code their own software from the ground up. They instructed the Audition team to throw out all the old stuff, and start over with a brand new product that was Adobe through and through. Adobe at large had deadlines to meet with the release of the entire Creative Suite, and that meant rushing the Audition department to the point that they could not get everything re-done in Adobe's timeline. The "left out" features will probably be added back to the software in a future revision - but alas, this is where we are with the software now.

We have used Audition 3.0 extensively for many, many years. We have also worked with the new version from CS5.5 as well. The newer one is definitely more "buggy" and offers less to us a cheer music producer. They are going to have to do a lot more with the new version to convince us that it is worth changing.
Ahh okay! Thank you for such a quick and helpful reply!! It looks like I will be taking your advice and going the 3.0 route then!

Now all I need to do is spend countless hours researching/reading tutorials and the such to understand how it works and figure out what I want it to do lol!

I definitely don't consider myself anywhere even close to being a "professional" mixer or whatever you wanna consider it. I usually make mixes as a way to save on costs with new teams/gyms/organizations that I like to help out with and/or instruct at or kind of a way to generate a little income every now and then.

I guess I would say I know some of the basics (with mixing and using Acid) but recently I've become more interested in learning the craft and being as good as I can be with mixing. Currently I'm really trying to figure out how to make Voice Overs sound "good" and that's the main reason behind the switch over to Adobe Audition (plus after seeing all of the big guys using it I figured I might as well give it a shot). And I mean, I guess I wouldn't even say that I'm that "knowledgeable" with Sound Forge so I don't see any harm in switching over.

With that being said, any other suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated (especially with making VOs) and I'm definitely willing to hear what anyone has to say on the subject!!

Thanks again! ---
Okay sooo I'm trying to play around and get familiar with Audition... but I am pretty lost and don't even know where to start. Compared to Sound Forge, it just seems like there is so much more going on lol. When you open SF it's basically a blank screen before you put in whatever you are trying to edit and then when you open Audition there are so many little boxes and options and tabs and etc.

I know SlapFire has the University and the VIP Tutorials... but in all honesty, as much as I'm dying to have/see/read/get them, I just do not have that kind of money to pay for it (at least for right now).

I went to go and start cutting a few songs and sound effects and I didn't even know where to start...

I was hoping that maybe someone who was familiar with Adobe Audition wouldn't mind lending me a hand with getting familiar with the program, just basics or whatever you would be willing to share with me. Or if anyone knows where I can find GOOD tutorials (most of the ones I found on YouTube... are definitly not what I would concider "good" lol) I would gladly take them and try to figure things out on my own. Please!! Someone! Anyone!! HELP!! =)

My email address is ([email protected]) there are 3 e's or I'm always on aim (much easier to use Facebook chat imo) LABthreee is my screen name with the same 3 e's and I'm so desperate you can even reach me on Facebook ( only 2 e's on Facebook.

Thank you! --