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Mar 26, 2010
I got to watch their routine both times on Saturday and I was blown away both times! They had an amazing stunt sequence and a unique pyramid! It was so hard to choose between watching them o r their coaches because they were so excited! It was refreshing to see a gym that isn't as well known as Top Gun, World Cup, Cheer Athletics, etc get the crowd just as excited!
Totally agree! We met their team on the bus to Downtown Disney Friday night and they were all so sweet!
Loveddddddd them, what one is the Sm Sr team? That team was nuts me and Linds were obsessed with them, and cheered like crazy all 3 performances.
I think after worlds everyone esp all cali teams will know PCM is a threat..

We (West Coast Teams) have known for a long time how fabulous PCM teams are! They are always one of my favorite gyms to watch and ALL of their team are amazing. Glad they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
Fantasy is Small Senior, and Mysterious is Small Limited Coed :)
I'm also glad they had a good showing at worlds and are getting some recognition. they often get overshadowed by the other big small sr teams in so cal but I love them :)
Love Fantasy!! They have one of my favorite pyramids and dances of this year (I'm not even a fan of dances, yet I find myself watching their dance over and over!) Their music is amazing, too!
I watched this team (Small Senior) at the beginning of the year and said to myself, "nobody will expect this team to do as well as they are going to do" and I'm SO happy I was right! AWESOME job this weekend!!!
what place did they come in? i dont think i heard. what was top 10?!?
i know their coach Troy said he garaunteed top 5.. did they come out top 5?