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Dec 4, 2009
Okay so since 3 out my 6 dresser drawers are filled with cheer shirts I decided I'm going to bring some to worlds with me to sell. I'll post pics here. This is the first one I'm selling:

size small (from forever 21)

PM me if your interested!
I just must say, I was laughing at all your tweets last night about all the clothes you were finding while cleaning :D
I'm definitely going to be selling a size large Top Gun shirt! It's there new tryout shirt. I'll post pics soon!
Hey girl! You have an AMAZING collection! We would love for you to consider donating some of your shirts to help show support for our Japan cheer community and raise funds for the Japanese Red Cross (their chosen charity). Check out the event and times for donating at Worlds here...

You can find tons of info about us and the Courage & Hope & Love & Cheer cause for Japan on our home page

You can catch up with us on twitter at cheerforacause!
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