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Dec 15, 2009
So I haven't been on the boards in sooo long : ( but my senior night for high school cheer is the week and my first comp for fca is next week. I'm getting soooo nostalgic!! haha its seriously so sad. I was just wondering how other seniors are thinking right now?

I'm applying to colleges right now and really debating what I'm going to do if I get accepted to the schools I'm applying to- cheer competitively in college, sideline cheer in college, super-senior for a gym near my dream school, stay in pgh and super-senior, or not cheer at alll (yeah that probs wont happen). What schools are you applying to/dream school/ what are your cheer plans after high school/ how are you coping with the last of everything!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited for college and the future, but the thought of leaving behind my high school team and diamonds is wayyy too sad : ( Last first competition in a week and a half and I'd prefer not to cry the whole time haha but really
Senior Year is going fast

I know, this past week I just had my 1st college cheer phone interview it went really well and I was told I would get top scholarship offering (amount not know yet), I had my 1st cheer tryout for one of the only schools in my state (which went well also) and I had my last high school homecoming.

I opted not to do hs cheer this year (too much politics and drama and not enough talent commitment (just want to look cute in the uniform) I am instead on my level 5 coed team at my as gym. I will have senior night at Varsity volleyball next week (I choose sports this year at school). I have college tours every other week for the next month and I am having a hard time choosing the direction to go.
Traditional college sideline/ competitive cheer, the new Stunt format (I loved competing in gymnastics) or competition cheer and do I stay in State or leave and branch out into a whole new world. It is like my brain is on overdrive!!!
Aww girls, both of your posts bring tears to my eyes...seems like just yesterday for me! My best advice is to cherish every second, aka try not to get too stressed! It seriously FLIES by. Jatara, I love you and I hope you have an amazing senior year! I am definitely here anytime you need advice or anything. I remember feeling the exact same way as you both..it's a little scary just thinking about the future etc. I promise it will all fall into place :) 1backtucnkb, I know the concern of to cheer or not to cheer as well as in state or out of state..my best advice is to VISIT and contact cheer coaches--it helps a lot when making a final decision. Feel free to contact me..I am also currently cheering on a sideline/competitive cheer team and coaching at the local all star gym!
Honestly, right now, my parents are more upset then I am. They're happy upset though. I'm the baby of the family so lately they've been showing clear signs of empty nest syndrome. They want me to do everything and go everywhere with them! It's exhausting! I think it's especially hard because I want to go far away to school where as my siblings stayed relatively close their first 2 years. My dad is away for a month and my mom had to go on business for 3 days, before she left she even said to me "I feel like you don't even need me anymore!" Which is totally untrue cause I don't know how I'm going to survive next year! It's starting to sink in, though, now that I'm not as busy with all the college stuff. Last week was my last home football game, my last first day of school, the last lunch my dad packed me, etc. It definitely makes me sad :( I can't decide whether to just ignore it and act like I'm not sad, or embrace it and be super duper happy/sad!
Thanks everyone, good to know I'm not alone!! I'm sure you'll end up at a good place and loving where you go!

ALittleBitTwisted you're making me cry. i just feel like everyones pushing pushing pushing right now!! College counselors are pushing us to get our apps done, college recruitors are pushing us to apply to their school, etc everyone's pushing and I don't wanna be pushed in the wrong direction you know!? Hopefully after I get decisions from some colleges I'll have a better feeling as to what I wanna do but right now I feel lost to be honest. I'm tearing up thinking about senior night alone. I just don't want it to be over
I hate to admit this, but now that I am done cheering - it is almost worth it. Last year I started cheering and then completed my 3rd acl surgery, so although I didnt get to go to college nationals I still got a taste of it. In the same amount of time that cheer took up, I now have the time to coach cheer, tumbling, be in a sorority, national society for leadership and success, economics club, business fraternity, and student ambassadors, plus i have much more of a social life now. Cheering in college is a cool experience, but I am just saying everyone should weigh their options. If you find a school that you fall in love with, but you don't love the cheering - STILL CONSIDER THE SCHOOL! :)
AWW i remember when i graduated and i was so sad i ended up joining my college team but quit after a few practices (they were not as competitive or into cheer as i expected), i was lucky enough to be able to coach at my old high school for a few years and and my old gym as well, its been six years now and im getting ready to graduate college (which is just as scary), i dont really know what i am going to do for a job and i Just hope that it wont interfere with coaching (that i dont know if ill ever leave).....just keep in mind that everything will work out and there are a lot of people on here that will be willing to help out and give advice....and ENJOY every minute of you last year!!
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