High School Should I quit cheering at my school?

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Nov 9, 2010
Soo I have been thinking about quitting my school team because of how unorganized it has been lately. My coach doesn't seem to care about anything we do anymore and some of the girls on my team have attitudes. My coach was supposed to choreograph a routine for an assembely this past week, but she did absolutely nothing and the captains of my team have been doing everything for the whole year. I don't feel safe when I'm stunting( I'm a flyer ) because my stunt group isn't strong enough and my coach isn't qualified. I've tried talking to them but they won't listen. I get dropped almost evry try. I rly like to tumble so I asked my coach if I could do that instead of flying because I don't feel comfortable but she said no. I feel like evrything is so unorganized and unsafe but I like cheering for my team on the sidelines. Btw I'm on a middle school team. Any advice??
If you honestly feel like you would get hurt with that group, and she wont do anything then yes you should quit it sounds like its not worth an injury.
That is really not safe. If your coach isn't taking your safety into consideration, you should try to talk to an athletic director or principal.
I would definitely quit. It's one thing if you don't say anything, but you've said that you feel unsafe, and nothing has come of it! Like said above, not worth an injury.
If you aren't happy then quit, it's better to quit than stay on the team and get injured or frustrated (which might cause your team mates to fall out with you if you unintentionally take it out on them by shouting at them etc.)
Since its a middle school team, I would just do allstars until high school and try out for high school. Unfortunately middle schools very rarely have true coaches....they often are teachers that get thrown into the position to get the teaching job. While I don't approve of quitting usually, getting injured because of unqualified coaches is a reason to leave. I would talk to the coach and tell her "I do not feel safe when stunting at this school. I feel that my safety as an athlete is in jeopardy and I respectfully would like to leave the program at this time."
Talk to your coach, and if she still fails to work with you take it to the principle/district. Like cheerforever pointed out, very rarely do people with actual experience get hired for MS/HS coach positions and it needs to stop! This is a perfect example of why there are so many injuries at the HS level, and why we are getting more safety rules.
Have you had your mom talk to her? If she hears your concerns from an adult she may be less likely to say no, or to at least give it more thought and give you a reason why she said you must stunt.
I know exactly what you're going through, my hs team is like that too. If you really feel like you're going to get injured and your coach won't acknowledge your safety then try contacting your athlectic director (if you have one) and if nothing is done then your safety is more important and quit.
Sounds like my high school cheerleading team. After all of the chaos and confusion I ended up quitting. Many other girls on the team also quit and we're hoping to get a new coach so we can cheer next year. I would do what you think is best, and if you don't feel safe then walk away. Keeping do allstar and when you get to high school try out for that team. :)
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