Should The Have A Cheer Channel On Tv?

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No, :)
it wouldnt be a hit!
i think they should add more cheer shows atleast 1 or 2 that dont portray us in a bad way!
Just look at the 200+ useless channels full of shows that don't get watched that we pay for! Every Celebrity is getting there own reality show, if they don't have one now there is a pilot floating in the works trying to get pushed in to the spotlight!! Why not a channel just one that shows all the comps!! Or team it up with extreme sports and just show different 1 hour segments throughout the day on that channel. No reason there can't or shouldn't b a cheerleading channel.

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i think there should! it should have the latest in all-star news, like who won major competitons etc... and they should play major comps on there and there should be a reality show following cheerlebrites around and just a bunch of stuff like that. i agree!! amazing idea!!