OT Sirens - Please Don't Put Them In Cheer Music. . .

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Apr 20, 2010
So today I was listening to a mix and I thought I heard sirens. I just assumed it was in the music I was listening to. It wasn't. I was getting pulled over by a cop for speeding. After accidentally ignoring him for a couple more miles, I finally pulled over.

Lesson learned- If I hear sirens, DO NOT assume it's in a cheer mix anymore!
haha yea I didn't look in my mirror this time because I legitimately thought it was in the cheer music I was listening to. But it was the cop chasing me.
You poor thing! Let's just hope nothing happens like this with the gun cock, boom thing in every mix...
Ik I hate sirens in music.
They are really annoying and things described on this thread happen...
i agree, I find them annoying. Whenever a team has that high pitch screech in their music I freak out at competitions, I always think its the fire alarm going off, and it sends me into a panic...
Not open for further replies.