All-Star Small Junior 2

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Jan 2, 2011
i feel like this is a pretty big division this year !
who has a small J2?
Jersey Allstars has one !
Even though Lee Lee already said it USA Wildcats Killa's!!! Love this division there is always so much good competition =]
Really trying hard not to think about who's in our division.....
Right now Woodlands and Spirit have this division on lock down in Texas...really afraid of who's coming in for NCA :-(
But here in Texas:
CA Katz
UC Air Force
Cheer Strike
United Allstars
Rebel Yell
(these are just the ones you see in the top 5 at every comp...I'm sure there area bunch I haven't seen!)
Ultimate Athletics has a really good small junior 2. They won jamfest super nationals if I am correct
Actually for UA Im pretty sure they got second to fire and ice but I'm not 100% sure on that. Also my gym Champion All-Stars Ohio has a amazing J2. They got first at Jamfest Super Nationals for small gym small junior 2! :)
yeahso does ours :) but for our upcoming competition were puttingnin all the two man express ups

We had that as well but some groups were shaky so we figured if just the center does it maybe no one would notice and think they were all doing it haha
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