All-Star Small Teams Vs Large Teams

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Jan 2, 2011
So this last weekend my team (junior SMALL 2) got 2, out of 10, in our division. The thing is the team was lost to was LARGE, because there was nowhere else to put the team because they were the only ones, but we had the same, if not more, difficulty and they dropped 2 stunts & we hit it perfect, and they still beat us because they put up 8 stunts and we put up 4, has this ever happened to you guys?
Well im also on a J2 team and 2 years ago i was on a youth team and at UPA grandchamps we had to go against a youth 3 team even though we were youth 2 so even though we hit everything and they dropped they still won because they had more difficulty... even though its not the same thing its pretty much happen to me to:)
It could have been they outscored you in other areas like tumbling, dance, jumps, etc.
Most scoring rules involve percentages, like "majority" or actual numerical scores based on the size of the team. Have you downloaded the rules and read them or asked your coach to explain the areas you score well or bad in?

It's tough for small teams to have equal visual aspects to their routine, but every time I have thought something was unfair I usually found out it was something about the scoring i didn't understand.
It is based on percentages (at least as far as I know). Visually however... It's hard not to feel more "WOW" with a large group. That said, I always feel like more can go wrong on Large teams but at the same time more can be hidden by the sheer number of people on the floor and the fact that we are human and can't see what everyone is doing. A few years ago CP was on a large team that had 21. Those girls were able to hold their own against the 30s and 35s. So never say never! You just have to "out wow" them!
Clean should be the new "WOW"
Pros and cons to both I suppose. Overall, I get more of a wow effect watching large teams, but yet I think it's easier for a small team to stay clean. If it's a small team though, I do prefer to watch 5 stunt groups instead of 4.