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Dec 14, 2009
So I know most of the mid west and east coast is getting hit pretty hard with ice and snow, which means gyms have to cancel practice for safety. Well since we are forced to stay home and can't go out, our Step 1 coaches decided to have a little Facebook game setting up different challenges. It's been a lot of fun and thought, I bet other people would like to do this with their gyms too!

So far the challenges have been: Post a "throwback" cheerleading picture. (The more embarrassing, the better). Next was to find things around the house to spell out our gym name (Step 1) and take a pic/post it to the official page. And the latest one has been a few trivia questions from the gyms past (why the colors were chosen, why was the gym named Step 1, where/when was the first worlds bid recieved and then post your favorite memory since being at the gym.) You can check all the results on the official Step 1 Allstars facebook page.

Just thought I'd share in case others were having the "Snow Day Blues"! Enjoy and be safe!
This was my entry for the spell out..

That is the cutest idea ever!! I wish I had even a little snow on the ground or a prediction for snow :( ha I am going to go stalk the Step1 Facebook page!!
The next challenge is to take a picture/video of yourself practice in your Step1/cheer gear. I went a little "cheesy" with it..


I love this!! Imagine if the spell out Step 1 challenge was things only in your cheer bag :D hahah this is an adorable idea.
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