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Dec 2, 2010
Hey guys. So I'm a coach of a pretty new squad and previously our routines have had music segments bought from CMS and mixed together by my husband in Logic. This season, I want some specific songs and my darling hubby reckons he can do it from scratch to save us a lot of money as we're only a community project team run by volunteers...

Anyway, this means me trying to explain things like 8 count sheets and why I need certain sound effects AND me choosing ALL the songs and I guess that's the bit I need the most help with because in the past I've always chosen the most awesome tracks from CMS but this time I actually have to think of them all.

Our (subtle) theme is about rising up from a terrible performance last year. I need to have music that inspires them to believe and achieve their goals and, in turn, hit their stunts. I have a few ideas but I wondered what you guys thought.

I hope you can help :)