High School Stunt Ideas!!!

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Apr 15, 2010
Can someone give me ideas of legal stunts to do with a sign in your hand? Doesn't matter the difficulty as long as you can do it with a sign and its legal
I don't think that AACCA has any rules about stunting with signs. I know they have specific rules about throwing signs, and tumbling over signs,but I think same rules apply when stunting with or without signs. Maybe you see something different www.aacca.com
You can't cradle with a sign, tumble with a sign,or throw a sign down from a stunt, but I believe anything else pretty much is legal.
i know the rules about flying with signs and stuff i just need like a creative idea for a stunt since the flyer cant use their hands basically.
There was one I learned at a camp. It's like the group starts with like one base holding the flyers leg out, like in a straddle, and the other is on the ground. The flyer then jumps off the groups (assisted by the backspot) and the main base with the straddle-leg scoops it underneath which gives her height, and both feet are grabbed and pulled into a elevator or extension:)
My team does a sort of modified toss to hands when we use signs. Each base wraps their hands around a thigh and the back gets the waist. From there, just dip, toss, and bases catch feet and back catches ankles. It's really simple and easy.
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