All-Star Summer Improvements?

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Nov 28, 2010
As an individual, my biggest improvement had to be stepping up my running tumbling and my jumps have gotten so much higher than they were in June, and i have become a better leader for my squad As a team, our biggest improvement has to be stunting, we have become more aggressive and serious with our stunts to be sure and make them hit and also we've bonded alot more and became a family! What were you and your teams summer improvements that you have made since training this season? :)
Well, I've become so much better at level 3 stunting, especially full downs. :), let's not touch on that........
I definitely gained more self confidence in myself. My flexibility has improved and my fear of breaking my arm in a backhand spring is gone too. Oh and my core, I was not strong their but my abs and stuff are back, for now haha
I will find out tomorrow :). My gym is on a two week break, when I tried out, I had already gained 15 pounds and I couldn't land any of my tumbling. I just lost the 15 pounds so hopefully it will help me tumble better? I'll let you know tomorrow :D
I got my standing handspring tuck & round off back handspring tuck :D
According to my coach, I am "quickly adding diesel base to my resume". So, I guess my stunting skills have improved! :) Tumbling, not so much...
Finally Kel's landing her running double solid and consistent. Its been quite a battle between injuries but looking great now! And today, she landed her 3 to double for the first time! Now all she wants to do is tumble all day and night! Its so nice to see all that work and repetition finally taking hold. THANKS JUBA AND BO!

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