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Cheer Parent
Nov 3, 2010
Hello Cheerleaders and Parents! I'm a cheer mom/team mom from Stealth Allstars in Costa Mesa, CA (whose directors are Michael and Shannon May from Louisville/Gym Tyme). A couple of weeks ago one of our Senior Co-ed Level 3 boys was diagnosed with Leukemia. He is currently undergoing chemo at Childrens Hospital OC in Orange, CA and will be unable to finish out the 2011-2012 cheer season. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind visiting his Facebook Support page. He could use all the "cheer" in the world right now!! His page is called Support "Super" Kevin Garcia. We just started this support page 5 days ago and he already has 179 members!! People from every gym have been leaving comments, some from as far away as the UK!!! It doesn't matter which gym you cheer for when someone in the "cheer family" needs help we should all be there to support. If you can please post some kind words, a picture or funny video to help motivate him during his chemo, that would be awesome. He is in a fight for his life!!! Thanks in advance for your encouragement!