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Discussion in 'Skills' started by Rylee Rae, Mar 1, 2021.

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    Hi! I’m a flyer and my stunt group just started working on a switch up-full up as well as a full up going from prep to extension. Does anybody have any tips for me? With my switch up-full up my coach says I’m spinning with my chest and head, but I don’t know how to fix this, and it doesn’t feel like i’m spinning with my chest? Any advice you have for a flyer will help!!

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    Hi! The best thing you can do is to allow your bases to initiate or “start” the spin and you finish using your hips and stay very tight pretending you’re in a “tube”.
    Try not to do “too much”... remember it takes “team work to make the dream work” and sometimes as a flyer we try to MAKE the whole skill happen. - let your bases START it and as said before... just finish it using your hips keeping your shoulders IN LINE with your knees and toes and your tummy super tight in a “pulling up” position.

    Also, just because it doesn’t hit the first few times, don’t change what you are doing thinking you are the problem... sometimes it’s just timing or skill speed -
    The more YOU stay consistent with doing the RIGHT thing the easier your bases can adapt and the quicker you ALL will hit.

    Good Luck! Keep us posted, looking forward to hearing about the day you hit :)