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Dec 4, 2009
Ok people... let us get this thing rolling! We have a job to do.. keep Ricky out of the bottom 3.

Here is the plan:

Repost this 'post' to your gyms website, facebook, twitter, WHATEVER and get people to follow and watch.

Vote! As many times as you legally can! We need to support our fellow cheerleaders!
remember texts only count once! soo call as many times as you would like and vote online 50 times per facebook account! VOTE VOTE VOTE I love you rickkyyy <333 NO MORE BOTTOM THREE!
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Yalls butts better be calling.

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Bottom 3 are the first Sonya dance (awful), the call girl one from Tyce (sp?), and probably the second one with the rumba.
I saw last week that Ricky was wearing a Brandon shirt! And this week one of the judges complimented his hip turnout and jumps. It feels like cheerleading is getting its own little shoutout :)