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Sep 9, 2010
Hey everyone!
I need some help! we are starting an international all girl team at the gym I work at this year and we need a name! we mainly use names from the periodic table of elements. (Platinum, Silver, Gold, Titanium) and we also use names of metals since the program is called Steel City... BUT. we are running out of metals and running out of elements! haha so if any of you can help me out that would be great.

so far ive thought of Carbon, Chrome, and Lithium. Vote for one of those and throw me a suggestion as well :).
Not lithium. Aside from it's use in batteries, it makes me think of bipolar medications. Chrome is OK, but technically Chromium is the actual name of the element.

Carbon would be my choice. Diamonds, carbon-fiber, etc. lots of cool stuff.

Nitrogen, Neon, Titanium, Cobalt, Xenon?
So I asked my dad the chemistry teacher and he suggests Copper, Iridium, and Mercury. Also, maybe Quicksilver because it is another name for mercury
I like Mercury or Xenon.....
- Mercury reminds me of Sailor Moon and Xenon reminds me of the old tv show Xena haha......both were fierce warriors!