All-Star teams in wisconsin?

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Apr 3, 2010
does anybody know of any good allstar cheer teams in wisconsin?
and it should be within an hour from evansville, WI:)
thanks !
Green Bay Elite! Not sure of the distance though.. haha
Ohh whoops thats like 3 hours away... sorry, just the first one to come to mind!
you cheer in wisconsin too?! me too!! but i cheer for a high school team! there really arent many all star teams in wi, your better choice would be allstar dance.
acx jag is my sister, lol and we live in south carolina, buttt on of my bffs just moved there :)

and would be interested in cheerleading
so anything near there would be awesome!
oh! darn :( haha yeah, but the best bet would be allstar dance or high school teams. our high school teams arent too great. oak creek has good cheerleaders crivits and sheboygan south. were coed state champs. :D
Ultimate Athletics in Illinois and their phenomenal facility is about 1h and 45 min away, or Heat cheer in Sussex, Wi. is about the same distance, if your that dedicated GBE is ONLY 2h 45 min!
Don't know how far it is, but ultimate fusion athletics in appleton is worth a ten hour drive to get to!
UA is kinda far from Evansville, 87 miles about 1 hour and 30 to 1 hour and 45 min, not that bad until Wi/IL
snow begins to fall.
We have sisters in our gym that just moved from Wisconsin. They came from Ultimate Fusion in Appleton, and if the rest of the gym is anything like these girls, it is definitely a program worth checking out!!
We love them and miss them so much! Im glad that they are doing well! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! There are so great programs in Wisconsin its just finding the best fit for you!