The #1 Gym In The Usa?

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I would say Top Gun. They were at COA in Florida last year and my old team and my sisters old team were back in warm ups and they cheered you on when you weren't hitting a stunt and just so nice. I mean that was the coaches and cheerleaders. They also came out and watched us and congratulated us when we won the I5 division. They are also good athletic and performance wise.
Define the "best"....

It's a really vague question to answer, because there are sooooo may levels and divisions. You could have a gym with great level 5 teams and their lower levels never place or vice versa. Is the best the team who wins the most? The gym with the happiest kids? Highest rate of college scholarships?I could go on...

I think, IN GENERAL, I would have to go with Stingrays. I think they have solid teams in all ages and levels, and they really stress proper progressions and maximizing age limits on teams.
I agree with num1stunta, because If your doing it by who wins the most, I would say my gym, Cheer Athletics. However, i also think Stingrays and CEA are amazing programs and definitely some of the top gyms out there.